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"Er zijn geen tornado's in dit land."

Translation:There are no tornadoes in this country.

October 1, 2014



Shouldn't there are no tornados in this land be accepted too?

[deactivated user]

    Yes, reported.


    I wonder if "in these lands" might also translate directly to "in dit land" since lands (en, plural) means country (land in Dutch).

    I didn't want to try it in case it was wrong though.


    Are there tornados in the Netherlands?


    Yes, but they are quite rare, nothing like Tornado Alley in the US. See wikipedia (15 cases in the Netherlands are mentioned in that list if I counted correctly). A famous tornado demolished part of the Dom church in Utrecht in 1674 (I had to look up that year), the tower itself is still separate from the rest of the cathedral.


    According to a study referenced in this short article, the NL may be the country with the highest number of tornadoes per square mile in the world, although of course most of them are small and do little damage.



    Ok interesting, I remember seeing a 5m tall one once in the Netherlands, which stirred some dust and leaves and lasted no more than one or two minutes if I recall correctly. Lucky for us we don't have a big "incubator room" like the Carribean. :) But I can imagine our many inland lakes and waters can make it moist enough to work in a similar but miniature way, given the right weather circumstances.


    We'd call something that small a dust devil here - they often happen when it is hot and dry - caused by convection. Unless the clouds were only 5 meters above the ground.


    There were no clouds in sight (at least in my memory it was a sunny day), so a dust devil it was. :)


    I think you're thinking of hurricanes! Hurricanes form over warm water like in the Carribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Tornadoes form over land. (Though it's true both are rare in Northern Europe.)


    Nope, I'm talking tornadoes. Big tornadoes are rare in the Netherlands, but do happen (see the discussion above). Hurricanes are even more rare in the Netherlands, I don't know if there has aver been one. And if one would reach the country I guess it wouldn't be more than your average storm. The fact that hurricanes are also called tropical cyclones says enough I think.

    This is a map of hurricanes: Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tropical_cyclone

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