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  5. "O gato não é meu."

"O gato não é meu."

Translation:The cat is not mine.

June 10, 2013



The sound was not clear at all for "meu". I guessed at the "m" and the "eu" sounded more like the "el" in "mel" (honey).


Sounded like "leão" to me, and I forgot that there is a word in Portuguese for "a". So to me it was "The cat is not a lion", which made sense at the time.


Could minha be used instead in a sentence like this?


Yes....but only if you used "A gata"....."A gata e minha".


It is not my cat - whats wrong with this translation?


The translation is correct but since it says "O" meaning "The" you needed to write "The cat is not mine" I hope this helps :D


it's essentially the same, just changing the order of the words a bit and structure of the sentence... It is not my cat: Não é meu gato. The cat is not mine: O gato não é meu.

[deactivated user]

    what would "...é o meu" mean?

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