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Accidental Enter Key Detection/Prevention

Sometimes when typing an answer using the keyboard in the mobile app(on an ipad3), when attempting to correct an error by using the backspace key, I will inadvertently(sp?) press the return key(it's directly below the delete key, why i don't know) and of course the result is a loss of a heart(if i still have one) and a little temporary frustration.

I wonder if there is a potential remedy for this besides my being more careful when typing. I have some ideas, but if anyone else would like to suggest something first I would like to hear them.

October 1, 2014

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Well there are technical remedies of course, but whether the Duolingo programmers have the time to implement them is a different matter. I suspect it would be well down on their list of priorities.

The immediate answer is to be more careful, and I say that even though i have had the same frustration as yourself when my big thumbs loose me a life!

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