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Names for God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit in Irish?

Hey guys, I'm a Christian and I'm learning Irish so I got curious, what are some names for God in Irish? Or other Biblical things as well. I looked it up but I couldn't find much. lol

October 1, 2014



Christianity has certainly influenced the development of the Irish language, as it has other European languages, but this is not to suggest that the phrases have an overt religious character today e.g. adiós, Ojalá in Spanish.

In answer your question,

Dia = God as in Dia duit = hello (singular), a contraction of Go mbeannaí Dia duit = May God bless you.

Íosa (Críost) = Jesus (Christ)

An Spiorad Naomh = The Holy Spirit

In ainm an Athar agus an Mhic agus an Spioraid Naoimh = The Trinitarian formula

There are a lot of resource, including a translation of the Bible (an Bíobla Naofa) available for free online. As always, Google is your friend in these matters.


Thank you very much. As I said, I did look it up, but I couldn't find much of anything.


Your best bet would be to go to breis.focloir.ie and search. It's an online version of the two most comprehensive dictionaries for the language (one English to Irish, the other the reverse).


Here's a link for An Bíobla Naofa: http://www.anbioblanaofa.org/ . It's good practice to read some passages side-by-side and find the Irish names for Biblical figures like Eve=Éabha or Joseph=Iósaef. I looked and couldn't find any audio for An Bíobla Naofa, unfortunately. I liked listening to the Bible and Quran in Arabic because it helped immensely with diction.

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