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  5. "Lui mangia il cibo."

"Lui mangia il cibo."

Translation:He eats the food.

October 1, 2014



Can anyone explain the rules for pronunciation of 'c' and 'cc' within words?


It's actually much more logical than english. "C" makes either a hard "K" sound or a soft "ch" ( when it's followed by an "I" or an "E")
the double "CC" doesn't affect the type of sound, it's used only to emphasize the consonant.
- pagliacci = "CH" sound, - mucche = "K" sound

The "H" after the "C" in italian is used to make the "C" hard.

In Latin the "C" always made a hard "K" sound. But the hard "K" is a little more difficult to pronounce when it's followed by an "I" or and "E." Which is probably why it devolved from the hard "K" to a "CH" sound in Italian.


Thanks Rafforza, great explanation!


How is the determination made on when to translate the definite article into English. "He eats food" is considered a wrong answer. Many times the article is not translated into English. Why is it required in this phrase? In English, the meaning of the phrase is not substantive changed by the article.


It sounds like "chimo"


I know, right? Even I heard "chimo" :/


Sounded like chimo to me too ... can anyone explain why?


The audio is terrible. The last word is so quiet that I cannot hear any hint of what she is saying.


It's a good thing Italians are renowned for their slow methodical tempo of speech, right?!


why not. he eats the meal ? sorry my bad English


I'm still a beginner, but it's my understanding that "food" in general has a different noun than a set "meal", just as we do in English.


When to use mangia and where to use mangi?


Io mangio Tu mangi Lui/lei mangia Noi mangiamo Voi ? Loro mangiano

I think that's how it goes


I haven't even seen/heard the words that they what me to write just by listening.. happens waay to often


my answer was right!


Previous question was "Lui mangia la caramella" but "He eats candy" was not accepted, instead it was supposed to be "He eats the candy"

This question is "Lui mangia il cibo" and the correct translation is "He eats food" and not "He eats the food"

So which one is it? Should I pay attention to the article? How do I know when it's He verbs noun and when it's He verbs the noun?

There has to be a rule and it has to be written in one of these comment sections at the very least.


Duolingo doesn't read words for me! It makes no sound!

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