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Learning Pace

hallo! Would anyone recommend a pace at which they found the learning sunk in best. As in how much learning per day do you find most effective? Bedanken

October 1, 2014



I agree with DeroGoi, you should go at whatever pace is convenient for you, which will probably depend mostly on your motivation, enjoyment in learning and time you have available or want to invest.

One thing I've read often is that people sometimes regret moving through the tree quickly (a lot of new lessons, little strengthening old lessons). This caused them to forget things from the early lessons which in turn made it more difficult to learn the more advanced lessons to which they progressed. Strengthening old lessons more, more firmly anchors the base which makes learning the more advanced lessons easier, since the simpler parts of the language already come naturally.

A way to do this is for instance not advancing to a new skill unless you complete two strengthening exercises of the old skill in a row while losing no more than one heart. Or trying to keep all skills golden.

Also keep in mind that regular practice, say daily makes it a lot easier to retain new things you learn. If you spend the same time learning the language, but do that e.g. once a week it will take you more learning time to learn the same thing (sorry I don't have a link to studies on this topic, other people on the forum will probably have this).

You can also consider mixing Duolingo with other language resources, e.g. listening to podcasts, listening to music or radio stations or watching youtube clips in your target language, once you have a basic understanding. Also some people like to drill vocabulary, e.g. on Anki. Having fun and doing interesting things as learning exercises, will keep you motivated to keep on learning.

It's all up to you, you can do what you want, depending on what you like, how you plan to use the language, etc.


I personally believe that you should set your own pace and find what works for you.

For me (I'm talking about German, but this applies to any language), I like to try and do a lesson a day. Then, if I'm feeling particularly motivated one day, I tend to try and ride that temporary motivation until I've thoroughly rung it of everything I can. In other words, I have a base goal of a very small amount, but I won't hold myself back from doing language learning for hours should I want to.


thanks, that kind of helps


I'm no expert, but here's my routine if it helps: I do one lesson, then a couple of "strengthen skills" exercises (usually timed, but not always), then repeat both. If I notice I've weakened in some past lessons, I'll strengthen those, too. Sometimes I'll do more than one new lesson, depending on how difficult they are. I did the Pimsleur Dutch course, so some of the lessons here are old hat while others are completely new.

I'm also reading - VERRRY slowly - a Dutch comic called Kiekeboe. Between what I know, what I can figure out from context, and what Google Translate can tell me, I can get through about a page of Kiekeboe every day before my head starts spinning.

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