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  5. "Barnet slog sengen."

"Barnet slog sengen."

Translation:The child beat the bed.

October 1, 2014



Does this mean something like "hit the sack" or is this sentence telling me the child made a fist and punched the bed?


It's one of duo's weird sentences. It means what it literally says, that the child punched the bed. There's no special meaning behind it that I am aware.


It seemed weird to me too at first, but thinking about it, this is something a child could actually do when upset. It's an alternative to punching the wall. Punching the bed hurts less. :)


is "slog" related at all to the english "to slog"?

Edit: I looked it up, its not clear


It is related to Dutch «sloeg» (from the infinitive «slaan») and German «schlug» («schlagen»)


Slå/slog is related to English slay/slew.


It's related to the English to slug. He slugged him= Han slog ham.


Would it not be correct to say "the boy HIT the bed" as the sentence "I hit the road" : I left?


i american english it could mean he went to bed. it is very common to say 'he hit the hay (bed)'. which means he is going to bed, or 'i'm going to hit the sack (bed)'.


Does this mean the child defeated the bed in a race or competition, that he planned it like a drum, or that he was quickly mixing the bed with a fork, like an egg?

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