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  5. "Eu corro para a sua casa."

"Eu corro para a sua casa."

Translation:I run to your house.

June 11, 2013



Could you use á instead of para here? Are para and á interchangeable? Prepositions are my portuguese "achilles heel"


Usually (but not always at all), you say "a" at the meaning of a short distance. "Á" is used in the sentences like "Eu dou um cachorro á sua mãe - Eu dou um cachorro A + A sua mãe", when article "a" and the preposition "a" are standing besides. Para is for a long distance but nobody will kill you, if you'll say "Vou a Portugal!", so don't worry about it.

(Sorry for my terrifying English, I'm not a native speaker).


Could an alternative translation be, "I run towards his/her/your house"?


When is "para" for and when is it to? I keep getting it wrong!


I have a question. So far I have only encountered present-tense portuguese on duolingo. So I was wondering how you would say "I ran to your house?"


Eu corri para a sua casa


I think "I run for your house" should be accepted. It is a bit idiomatic, but in English we do say things like "I ran for the door." to mean the same as "I ran to the door."

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