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  5. "Jeg har saft."

"Jeg har saft."

Translation:I have juice.

October 2, 2014



Another identical word in Danish and German!

The other is Kartoffel/kartoffel


Potato juice. Yum


Okay, I must ask though; Is "saft" the same word here as it is in Swedish? Because the Swedish "saft" is far from juice. It's more translated to lemonade in English, since we already have the word "juice" (spelled "joos" back in the days). Saft is sweeter, while juice is something to drink in the morning to the breakfast. They are quite different. So I do wonder, doesn't Danish have the word "juice" already? Or is really "saft" the correct translation?


Well, juice is a loanword, used since the 1950's, so I'm guessing that 'saft' is the correct translation.


I thought the distinction was more like the difference between juice (juice) and squash (saft) in British English?

Regardless, since there is a carton of "appelsin juice fra koncentrat" on the table next to me, I'll go ahead and say that Danish definitely has the word juice.

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