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  5. "I love you."

"I love you."

Translation:Jeg elsker dig.

October 2, 2014



Is this romantic love, like a couple might say to each other? More family-oriented, like you might say to your parents? Or like something a fan might say to their favorite band? Or all of the above?


My partner and I say this to each other it definitely means romantic love, but she would also say it to her parents. I don't think it would be used to describe love for a friend or an object/band though.


It can also be used to describe love for an object or band (though I would definitely be careful saying it about friends, in case it can get misinterpreted, but I wouldn't say you can't full stop). It can also be used to describe actions you love doing.
"Jeg elsker chokoladekage" = I love chocolate cake
"Jeg elsker at spise chokoladekage" = I love to eat chocolate cake


Family-oriented Jer is you in plural I love you all


tak, I was having trouble with as to why it was not Jeg elsker dig


Jer is a plural you, dig is a singular you.


Shouldnt this be I love y'all?? Cause its confusing with you which should be dig.


why can't it be du


I'm not sure about this, but how I figured it out is figure out if you would say me(mig) or I(jeg). Du would be like I and Dig is like me. You wouldn't say I love I in English, you would say I love me. Therefore, in Danish, you would say Dig. Hope this helped! It does take a bit of practice and just reading and listening to more Danish.


yeah this was a problem i had with german


Das kriegst du aber noch hin


All those Hetalia fanfics are coming back to me...

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