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"Non so se loro ci abbiano già pensato."

Translation:I do not know if they have thought of it already.

October 2, 2014



why is it "thought of it" opposed to "us"


I have same question, "ci" can also mean "us", right?


I think if you wanted to mean us, you'd use 'a noi'.


"Us" is accepted here... But I would also like to know how "it" is correct.


I've noticed that ci is often used for "about it" here. My choice would be "non so se loro ne abbiano gìa pensato." Is this wrong?


In Italian you can use "pensare di" or "pensare a" both means "to think about"

pensare a qualcosa = pensarci:

  • to keep someone/something in mind, to remember something/someone, to care for sth., to think of sth./so., to think about (memory)

Penso a mia madre che è malata. (to think about = to keep in mind)

pensare di fare qualcosa/pensare di qualcosa = pensarne:

  • to plan , to intend, to jugde, to think of, to think about (opinion)

Penso di andare in Francia domani = I plan to go to France tomorrow. Penso male di te = I think badly of you Che cosa pensi del viaggio? (what do you think about = what's your opinion)

"ne penso" is more often used in questions (to ask someone's opinion) Che ne pensi? Che cosa ne pensa lui?

pensare qualcosa = pensarlo:

  • to think that

Penso che la festa era bella. Lo penso pure io. Chi pensa che la festa era bella? Lo penso io.

In this sentence I would use "ci" I think mainly because of the use of "se". [it asks more for the "think about" memory than for the "think about" opinion


Mille grazie. As always, your answer is full of useful information. You're aces.


I thought that pensarci could also mean to handle something or take care of it, so tried "...if they have already taken care of it." Rejected.


If "ci" in this sentence meant "us" wouldn't be "pensati" instead of "pensato"?


If "ci" in this sentence meant "us" wouldn't be "pensati" instead of "pensato"?


Why is the order of "already" wrong?


No, I think DL translation is better, for sure. Bye

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