"Ik vind die vrouwen leuk."

Translation:I like those women.

October 2, 2014


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What's the difference between "I like these women" and "I like those women" ?

I went for "these", and got turned down :(

February 2, 2015


These = deze = closeby. "These shoes I am wearing right now" Deze schoenen. Those = die = somewhat further away, as if you're pointing at something "Those women across the street" die vrouwen

February 2, 2015


"I find those women fun" didn't work. Should it? (Leuk translates to "nice" or "fun" on the left.

June 6, 2015


By curosity = leuk not only means fun, it means agreeable, attractive, nice, pleasant, etc. Although “leuk vinden” means to like, it also means, but literally, “to think nice”.

November 8, 2015


I came here with the same question! I hope someone who speaks better than I can clarify that for us.

September 17, 2015
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