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  5. "Hvor er du henne?"

"Hvor er du henne?"

Translation:Where are you?

October 2, 2014



"hen" vs "henne" - in case someone else is wondering : The small adverbs come in pairs - no ending for direction (or transition), and -e ending for place (or steady state)

Kommer du "hen" til mig [direction] / Hvor er du "henne" [place]


http://www.speakdanish.dk/en/grammar/adverb-dynamic-static.php This applies to other adverbs too, like ud/ude, op/oppe, ned/nede, etc.


Thanks a lot !


So, it's all about the long and short form?


I don't get this 'henne' thing here :/ Would it be incorrect to say 'hvor er du'? My dictionary translates the word as 'here'/'there', but the hover over proposes 'at' (which I thought was 'på'). Or does it mean something like 'where the f*** are you'?


it's also correct to say hvor er du. henne indicates place, so you can say both, i guess hvor er du henne is more enphatic.


The danish sentence sounds perfect to me. Reminding of my dialect in Scania. But "where are you at" sounds a bit odd to me. They accepted my answer Where are you.


I remember the lyrics of "Den lille havfrue 2", when Melody runs away to the sea, and Ariel is looking for her and sings: "Hvor du henne, min pige?". I used that phrase to remember when to use "hen" or "henne".


Wow, this thread got kind of heated! Okay, here is a (I hope) less controversial question of clarification. Is there a contextual difference between using "Hvor er du" and "Hvor er du henne?" Does the meaning of the question change subtly by adding "henne?" I am hoping a native speaker will weigh in on this. Tak for dit svar.


Does it mean "where are you"? What's the difference? Would a Danish person understand "hvor er du"?

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