How can I login

the login tab does not work in IE 8.0 or Firefox. All I get is the sign-up screen, not the login screen. I had to somehow trick it and get into my account. How can I login?

6 years ago

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My username is BvM37. Yet, when I try to logon I keep being referred to my old, now defunct, username 'rannochhouse'. How can I logon to BvM?

2 years ago

Hi if you tap Clubs in the app, top left it says profile. Click that. Click login. Then click I already have an account. Do the login link is in the clubs tab top left.

This answer by "daramccarthy" , its solve my problem.

1 year ago

My I pad has separate profile app. But no log out

4 months ago

I changed my password and I cannot login

1 year ago

I want to continue my FRENCH but can’t login. Forgotten my username & password! Do I have to start all over. Every time I try I seem to get some king of reward “?chips” but none of my previous learned words?

10 months ago

I have not been able to login for the last 2-3 days...

10 months ago

Type www.duolingo and log in

10 months ago


10 months ago

What's up everyone Learning Spanish,Polish,Italian and Arabic It's tricky what are you learning

6 months ago

It is online

4 months ago

After tapping on the lesson I want it goes into a loop and all I get is sentences of how great Duolingo is?

2 months ago

I am unable to get away from the wrong user name because of a glitch between my username 1144414934 and my much more frequently used e066lovx . Please make the second one my only user name. The glitch was so frustrating in the past that I blame it for my quitting at that time.

1 month ago
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