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How can I login

the login tab does not work in IE 8.0 or Firefox. All I get is the sign-up screen, not the login screen. I had to somehow trick it and get into my account. How can I login?

September 14, 2012



My username is BvM37. Yet, when I try to logon I keep being referred to my old, now defunct, username 'rannochhouse'. How can I logon to BvM?


Hi if you tap Clubs in the app, top left it says profile. Click that. Click login. Then click I already have an account. Do the login link is in the clubs tab top left.

This answer by "daramccarthy" , its solve my problem.


I changed my password and I cannot login


I want to continue my FRENCH but can’t login. Forgotten my username & password! Do I have to start all over. Every time I try I seem to get some king of reward “?chips” but none of my previous learned words?


I have not been able to login for the last 2-3 days...


Type www.duolingo and log in


What's up everyone Learning Spanish,Polish,Italian and Arabic It's tricky what are you learning


I translated A que hora cierra la tienda as At what time does the shop close and was marked wrong even though in English my answer is grammatically correct. Another point is when asked to type what I hear, there is frequently no sound and I can go forward only by pressing the can’t listen now feature. I cannot participate in the discussions which isn’t helpful as I have learned so much from the forums prior to my programme crashing and I was put on to a different one. Would it be possible to rectify these problems? Thank you, Kate O ‘Connor


After tapping on the lesson I want it goes into a loop and all I get is sentences of how great Duolingo is?


I am unable to get away from the wrong user name because of a glitch between my username 1144414934 and my much more frequently used e066lovx . Please make the second one my only user name. The glitch was so frustrating in the past that I blame it for my quitting at that time.


I see that 'hazelnuys' comes up in screen. that is an error - years old possible 'fun' name


I'm having a problem logging in. I am using microsoft 10. I love learning French, however, it is frustrating how difficult it is for me to log in to start my lessons. Any suggestions? samanthas267304


everybody complains that they can't log in!!! that is my complaint also I get a screen that error 404, No place else to go. FIX IT I have just renewed my membership starting Aug 15, but Unless this problem is fixed I may cancel! I want to improve my French, but you will not let me get in to try. M. McN


after completing I can't log in .


I have lost Duolingo course - Italian. How do I contact Duo by phone?


I had problems yesterday morning b ut it seems all right now. Were you closed down temporarily?


I don't know how to get into my account. I never had a password, a username or anything else, and now I can't use the course at all. Would someone please help me.


My duolingo Italian won’t come up on screen has it crashed again.


My app of Duolingo (plus)down not show always.Is hard to get it.What should I do? Thanks in advance Manuela S.


I have not been able to log in on my notebook but can log in on my iPhone and desktop. Until about three weeks ago, I was able to log in on my notebook and then I was just dropped. Not sure what to do?

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