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just a little help

I need help with understanding when to use the roots of actions words such as eat, eats, eaten. ect..

I know when to use come ,but how do i know when to use comemos, comen. ect....

any help would be nice, thanks you


June 11, 2013



Similarly to English, Spanish conjugates their verbs based on the person.

In English, we use "he eats" but "they eat" - as in the singular is matched with "eats" and the plural is matched with "eat".

In Spanish, verbs are conjugated in more situations - there is a different conjugation for singular first person (I, yo), second person (you, tu), and third person (he/she, el/ella) as well as plural first person (we, nosotros), second person (you, vosotros), and third person (they, ellos/ellas). The person then needs to match up with the proper conjugation (or verb ending) which you can use the table for.


Don't forget that you can check your vocabulary section and look up the verb (http://www.duolingo.com/#/word/es/comer/Verb). There is a conjugation table at the bottom. The first verb tense you learn is the indicative present, so look at that column and it will show you when to use which conjugation.

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