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Liaison - "veut"

So, the ladybot says, "Il veut être seul" without pronouncing the "t" in "veut". Does liaison not apply to veut or is Ladybot reinterpreting this?

September 15, 2012



According to this, between two-part verbal structures the liaison is optional: http://french.about.com/library/pronunciation/bl-liaisons-o.htm


Both are aceptable, although 'il veut-t-être seul' is preferable for it is more elegant (no hiatus between two vowel sounds). So Ladybot is (once again) not perfect...


The Ladybot is correct - I would not sound the "t". Is there now a female Duobot and do we now have to concern ourselves with the gender of Duolingo as well as French <g>?


Ah, okay. Thank you both for your insights. And 1km, I hear the next set of lessons DuoLingo will be releasing is called Duolingobotgender. :-)

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