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October 2, 2014



Not sure why both Mí Feabhra and Feabhra are correct since Mí Feabhra, I think, is more like "the month of February" whereas Feabhra is February. I saw nothing in the tips other than Feabhra.


I think you can use the expression with mí with any month, but it changes the name of the month to the genitive case. (Sometimes the two forms are the same.)


Why do you need Mi in front of it


You don't need Mí in front of Feabhra. I believe that you need Mí only in the names of November (Mí na Samhna or Month of Samhain) and December (Mí na Nollag or Month of Christmas) because those two derive their names from holidays.


Thank you kindly Cait or should I say Go raibh mile maith agat Cait !!!


Go ndéana sé maith duit!

Also, and I hope this doesn't sound too pedantic, when you address someone, you use a special form (the vocative case)--basically, you lenite the first consonant if possible and. if it's a masculine name, you make the last consonant slender if possible. When you write it, you use the particle a:

a Cháit, a Pheig, a Mháire

a Shéamais, a Sheosaimh, a Mhaidhc

When you speak, that little a is kind of ignored because there's no stress on it.

Go n-éirí go geal leat!


Why do some months require “an” as part of the answer (I think it was February), and others (like this one) require it NOT to be there?


I believe it's because those months are named after a holiday: Nollaig = Christmas; Mí na Nollag = month of Christmas = December You may find this blog post and the first comment interesting: https://blogs.transparent.com/irish/ainmneacha-na-mionna-i-ngaeilge-names-of-the-months-in-irish/

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