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  5. "An bhfuil cosaint againn?"

"An bhfuil cosaint againn?"

Translation:Do we have protection?

October 2, 2014



I'm almost positive this statement was said in the context of a fire or robbery, and the person is asking about the insurance coverage.



Nonsense. It's obviously talking about organized crime.


Cosuil le comharsa mhaith, tá feirm stáit ann!

(I tried to do the State Farm jingle)


Why can't we say 'Are we protected'? It seems a more natural translation to me.


Because the verb “protect” isn’t present in the sentence.


What's wrong with 'do we have a defence?'? Especially given the legal theme.


... and the fact that the hints that appear when you hover over "cosaint" include "defence" as a translation (in line with teanglann.ie: https://www.teanglann.ie/en/fgb/cosaint)


the package provides security against viruses cuireann an pacáiste cosaint ar fáil i gcoinne víreas: If this is the context

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The Irish for "security" is slándáil. The sentence that you quote uses "security" as a synonym for "protection", but that's more of a marketing decision, because "security against viruses" sounds more robust that "protection against viruses".


These arguments are dependent on context. The context for each PoV is clear to each person, but not agreed amongst those arguing here. WoT!

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No, Mike, it's not a PoV. cosaint isn't the Irish for "security", and the fact that there might be certain circumstances where it doesn't really matter whether you say "security" or "protection" or "defense", doesn't mean that these words are always interchangeable, in English or in Irish. While "security against computer viruses", "protection against computer viruses" and "defense against computer viruses might all be interchangeable, here are some examples of places where cosaint and cosanta are used that clearly can't be translated as "security":
Aire Cosanta - "Minister for Defence"
an Coimisinéir Cosanta Sonraí - "Data Protection Commissioner"
an Coinbhinsiún chun Cearta an Duine agus Saoirsí Bunúsacha a Chosaint - "European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms"
an Cumann Ríoga um Chosaint Éan - "Royal Society for the Protection of Birds"
an Institiúid Éireannach um Chosaint Raideolaíoch - "Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland"

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