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  5. "Ik koop iets op de markt."

"Ik koop iets op de markt."

Translation:I buy something at the market.

October 2, 2014



Why can't "iets" be translated as "anything"?


Anything doesnt make sense with this context


Of course it does, you're saying you have little self control at the market due to it's outstanding value for money, so you buy anything there.


Yes the English sentence I buy anything on the market makes sense. However, the Dutch sentence means I buy something on the market, not anything. Context determines what the definition of iets is.


Given that Dutch and English context is different in this example, can you give any further details on identifying nonsensical Dutch context, such as this example?


Iets is basically the same as something, namely;

"A thing that is unspecified or unknown:".

However, in certain situations where in English you would can use both something and anything iets can also mean anything, e.g.:

  • Do you want something/anything to drink? - Wil je iets drinken?

In this sentence if you use anything, I buy anything, you are saying that you buy something no matter what that something is. There is not really a single word that translates to that in Dutch, in Dutch you would then use in this context om het even wat or wat dan ook.


It's not letting me reply to your post, but it will this one for some reason. Anyway, cheers!


So what would a dutch word for like the "global market" be?


I would say that "global market" is best translated as "wereldmarkt"


Haha thanks for answering my questions. :)


I thought "op" meant on, up and for. Wouldn't it make more sense to say: "Ik koop iets bij de markt" ??


see below for the reasons for this


Why is "store" an unacceptable translation for "markt". Market and store are synonyms, unless I'm missing a subtle translation issue with "markt".


The Dutch "markt" refers to an outdoor market, with stands where people sell their wares. Not to a supermarket, which would always be "supermarkt".


So maybe the best translation would be 'marketplace' than, instead of 'market'?


So, "koop" is "buy" and "verkoop" is "sell"?


Yeap. Think of the meaning of the prefix ver-: far, away... So then you are "awaybuying" something, thus, selling.

I know, "awaybuying" is a made up word, but seeing it like this has helped me understand many other verbs beginning with ver- ;)


I like your concept. I will thinking of "koop" as "trading" as in buying for cash and "verkoop" as "trading away". Thank you for your suggestion. I am still confused about "te koop" meaning selling in the earlier exercise.

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