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Mike won't record: New Problem (is reported) Error #2032

141002 Since yesterday, whenever there is a question to be answered using the mike, instead of the familiar blue circle that one clicks on, then speaks into the mike I get a gray bar replacing the blue circle and the message "Error #2032"

October 2, 2014



Hi there, which browser are you using?

@deibiddoji - I looked at your acct in chrome and I'm not seeing the error. Any more information you can give us would be of great help!


Just downloaded Chrome and on it I just get the old error of DL refusing to "hear me" when I attempt to answer the question etc. All this testing sure takes away from learning! SKYPE has no problem hearing me what so ever - clear as a bell.


On Chrome I can now use the mike and DL "hears" me but on Firefox I still get the grey bar with "Error #2032".

Could this be because Chrome uses PPAPI and Firefox uses NPAPI in Adobe Flash?


Do you work for DL? I'm using Firefox 32.0.3


Yep. Thanks for the info, we're looking into the issue!


It's now several days after the problem started and Firefox still produces the Error #2032 message.


I'm also using Firefox, for what it's worth. I ended up just clicking the "I don't want to use the microphone" button and was able to proceed with no problems.


same error for me ' I change and checked as kinds of things, global setting are unreachable, can use mic on other sites http://www.onlinemictest.com/microphone-settings/ubuntu , error may point to bad file by duolingo, Will post ticket as well


Thanks for posting Susan. It's now 48 hours since I notified DL and no reply apart from the instant automatic one.


Similar, the mike icon remains gray and won't activate. Firefox 32.0.3. Used to work mostly fine until yesterday or so.

Checked plugins' versions, restarted browser, disabled adblock, noscript etc. The flash plugin itself works - when right-clicking on the mike icon and selecting options, voice, i see voice activity alright.

EDIT: and now it works again. Weird.


Please click "Support" on the left hand side of the window and report this bug - if you haven't already done so. Thanks!


leave a ticket ,please! Mine still will not work. Only a gray bar and an error 2032 I am on firefox the latest, using Linux


working now, thanks


I need help too. Last Thursday I said could not use mike at the moment. Got a message saying it would turn back on in an hour. It has never come back so I am not getting any speaking exercises and I need them

Am doing Spanish on the web on an ipad


After 2 weeks I'm still waiting for a reply from "Support". Still have no mike and Error 2032 with Firefox on Win 7. Would someone from DL have the courtesy to respond, and, better, have this problem fixed?


I'm having a problem, too. I get the blue mike on the white circle, but it never changes to the "active" white mike on blue. I'm unable to answer anything that requires a mike and I'd hate to lose my streak because of this :-(


disable mic in settings or click "I don't want to use microphone" and do all other work, you won't lose your streak!


I am having a mic problem too. My control panel shows that my mic is working fine. I can use it in other apps but I keep getting a response that says it DL can't understand me. I speak slowly and it still can't understand me. It is really frustrating when I was so excited to use DL. I am using Googe, but not Chrome.


Try chrome. It is working well right now


Was there a solution to this problem? My wife is getting Error #3032 in Firefox on Windows. Latest of everything installed.


I never got a formal reply from DL and as the problem continues on Firefox that DL really don't care. Chrome had problems too so I am now using Comodo IceDragon browser which has been just fine. Really don't understand the complete lack of concern by DL to this problem but it does not speak well for the company.


I don't think it's fair to point fingers until we have an idea of the route of the problem. I don't want to speculate too much but somehow I think it's more to do with Flash than DuoLingo. Perhaps DuoLingo don't want to give an official statement until they have some answers themselves. We all know how a statement can be misconstrued...


I've suggested to support that Flash is the likely candidate but, please, no formal reply from Support after over a month is a tad too long in my book.


I'm having this problem and if I were in DuoLingo's position, I'd be trying to replace flash with html5 as soon as possible. Maybe they're spending time working on that rather than trying to fix flash.

Of course this is idle speculation.


Same problem with Firefox 38.0 and Shockwave Flash running in protected mode.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


My mic won't work in Firefox 38.0, but it does work in Chrome.


Hi there can't seem to solve the problem regarding "Error #2032" with the grey bar, can anyone help ?


My error code was 2032 also, but then it disappeared. It may be helpful to try different browsers—Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.


Got the same problem here using safari


I know this an old thread but was able to resolve the Error #2032 on my browser (firefox 46.0.1). Make sure you've installed the Adobe Flash plugin - I believe that some browsers can run flash natively so you may not have it installed.

Where you see the grey bar stating error #2032, right click and select settings: on the privacy tab make sure to allow Duolingo access to the mike and camera, on the mic tab check that your mike is responding (when you speak you see a response). If you can't see a response here it may be a hardware issue - check the mic is attached and working in other programs.

Make sure your browser extensions aren't blocking the adobe plugin. I disabled Adblock on duolingo and disabled rules for adobe.com in HTTPS Everywhere extension. Obviously you may have other extensions running so check these.

This worked for me. Hope this helps.

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