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"How many times per week do you cook meat?"

Translation:Hoeveel keer per week koken jullie vlees?

October 2, 2014



Should "Hoeveel keer per week kok je vlees?" be accepted?


"Hoeveel keer per week KOOK je/jij vlees" will work.


It didn't accept kook jij for me


I guess it should… it refused it for me too. Reporting it.


There is a sentence "Hoeveel minuten heeft een uur?' Here we have "Hoeveel keer per week koken jullie vlees?" Is there any rule we could know when we use plural after hoeveel and when we use singular?


Keer/keren is a bit unusual, it is often used in singular form when referring to plural things e.g.:

  • Wij koken zeven keer per week vlees.
  • Wij koken één keer per week vlees.
  • Wij koken zeven keren per week vlees. (This sounds old-fashioned if you ask me.)

See a Dutch explanation on keer here.

For things like money and length measurements something else is the case (also for certain time units). Plural is only used when specifically referring to individual parts or units, not to a measurement as a whole, some examples:


  • Deze weg is vijf kilometer lang (This road is five kilometres long.)
  • Dat kost drie euro en twintig cent (That costs three euro's and twenty cents.)
  • Ik ben acht jaar out (I am eight years old)
  • Ze zijn twee jaar getrouwd (They have been married for two years)
  • Het meisje weegt zestig kilo (The girl weighs sixty kilo)
  • Het is drie jaar goed gegaan (It went well for three years, the total time period also is three years)


  • Deze weg heeft twee meters met putten (This road has two metres with holes there are two parts of roughly 1 metre length which have holes).
  • Het is jaren goed gegaan (It went well for years.)
  • Het is drie jaren goed gegaan (In three individual years it went well, the total time period is not defined)
  • Ik heb de kilo's op de weegschaal gezet (I put the kilo's on the scale individual weights of a kilo each)

This thing applies to all measurements if I'm correct: kilometer per uur, joule, Hertz, kilo. And also to the time units uur (hour), kwartier (quarter of an hour) and jaar (year).

If I'm not mistaken then all other time units normally use the plural when there are two or more, e.g.: seconde (second), dag (day) week (week), maand (month), eeuw (century), decennium (decade).


Cool! Thanks a lot!


Why "Hoeveel keer per week kok je vlees?" is not correct ?


kok -> kook

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