Modal verbs

Finally got through modal verbs. What a struggle! I don't think I understood or learned a thing. I could not find any (free) online resources to help, so if anybody knows of any please leave a comment!

June 11, 2013


haha I actually posted that link on the modal verbs section last night. It helped slightly but a lot is in the lessons that isn't covered. I think I will have to get a good understanding of all the tenses and conjugations and come back to attack modal verbs again!

The problem is that they have been mixing them. I got stressed on that skill. I'll try to post an insight on it...

hmm I know. For "you should" I counted three different translations used (deverá, deveria, devia)!

Yeah, frustrating (should = devia, deveria)

If that doesnt help you, ill take some time to explain on my own words ;)

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