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"The grandparents have a small house."

Translation:De grootouders hebben een klein huis.

October 2, 2014



But we haven't learned the diminutive of house yet *frustrated *


Still confused as to why certain adjectives don't have an "e" on the end - I thought "klein" in this instance should be "kleine"?


it is my understanding that when "het" words are preceded by "een", you don't use the "e"


Exactly, or when there's no article.

(Adjective without e)+(unspecified het word)

Klein huis

Een klein huis

(Determiner)+(adj.+e)+(het word)

Where determiner= het, or a possessive adjective, or demonstrative.

Het kleine huis

Onze kleine huis

Dat kleine huis

Hope this helps!

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