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  5. "He has the plates."

"He has the plates."

Translation:Han har tallerknerne.

October 2, 2014



Any tricks to remembering how to spell tallerknerne? Having trouble with that one.


and how ro pronounce it jesus christ


Yes, there seems to be an extra syllable in the pronunciation that I just can't account for. It's driving me nuts! It sounds to me like "tally-ACK-ner-nuh" which is 5 syllables, where the spelling looks like only 4. Please will a native speaker come along and HELP!?


I quickly want to say that "tallerknerne" is the unofficial spelling. If you want to be correct - so to speak - it is "tallerkenerne".


What does this mean? Are you joking, or is there an alternate spelling for everything in Danish and we poor learners are just doomed?


Don't worry. Far from every word has an unofficial spelling to it - you are not doomed at all. I merely pointing out that "tallerkenerne" should (at the very least) be a correct answer to this, since it is the official spelling.


Tallerken is a tricky word. It ends on 'en' when indefinite, so it can easily trick people. - Definite singular is tallerkenen (+'en' to make it definite) - Indefinite plural is tallerkner ('en' swaps to 'ne' + 'r' to make it plural) - Definite plural is tallerknerne ('en' swaps to 'ne' + 'r' + 'ne' to make it definite)


Yes, well that is the unofficial spelling you are talking about. Not to correct you, because what you have written is quite write, when talking about the unofficial spelling.


quite right not quite write

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