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inter-linking languages to add more languages faster

I just sent a message using the contact form, but I would like to share my idea here too, just to find out what do you (the community and the staff) think about this idea. I would be very happy to know your thoughts about it.

message I just sent: I don't know if you aready thought about it, or if this is possible. Anyway my idea is pretty easy (don't know how easy it is from a programmer point of view).

What I think is a rela problem at the present moment is that if you're italian (I am ;) ) and want to learn spanish, you have to do that starting form english.

It would be wonderful to have the possibity to learn spanish from italian, but how to do that in little time and effective way?

Here comes my idea.

let's take level 1 (so it is easier to explain)

en-sp: the apple is red la manzana es roja

en-it the apple is red la mela è rossa

it-sp (is not on your website) la mela è rossa la manzana es roja

I think it would be pretty easy to add new languages combining the one you've ready. and also, this way you'll have much more peoples (like spanish who does not know english and wants to learn german, italians who wants to learn spanish, etc...)

Of course, since I'm proposing this, I can give you a help if needed (high level italian and english, low spanish). I would be very happy about it, since it would be very easy for me learning spanish from italian instead of learning it from english (because of the similarities between the 2 languages)

June 11, 2013



Currently, the overall program is massively in favor of Anglo-Spanish communities, that is why the first step of "merely" reversing existing languages to English has not yet been completed. I've heard that French is the 3rd most popular language on Duolingo but French natives still cannot learn English on this site. I assume that your suggestion would indeed attract loads of new learners, in particular Continental Europeans. I have also proposed my help, at least to improve the current French learning program, so I assume that relying on volunteers to develop the site is probably not on the agenda.


Duolingo forgot to announce that people can learn English through French :(

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