"Tuttavia, è tanto popolare d'estate quanto lo è d'inverno."

Translation:However, it is just as popular in the summer as in the winter.

June 11, 2013

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I vaguely remember this from my Italian classes. I think the construction "tanto x quanto y" is an idiom for "just as x as y." Hopefully someone can answer this more clearly than myself.


The tanto, quanto pairing first appeared in the section on adverbs in the sentence 'Lei è tanto bella quanto sua madre'. She is as beautiful as her mother.


can someone please explain what is the grammatical function of "lo" here?


I'd like to know as well, can't it be subject in this case? as IT is in winter?


It indicates the subject.


Impossible to understand this when you come across it first as a dictation - with the usual problems of not being able to hear clearly. I never came across the "tanto . . .quanto" sentence in the adverbs


I wished DL created a lesson with only idioms, instead of discouraging people, especially the non native english speakers, with inserting these mysterious idioms now and then, hoping that people's memory will keep up.


Totally agree. The section they have on idioms is ridiculously small. The overwhelming majority of idioms are everywhere else. Maybe DL are labouring under the misapprehension that the bewilderment it produces to encounter them where you least expect them will make them stick. Personally it would work better to have them in a few clearly marked groups appropriate to the topics covered before them. So if an idiom uses a particular grammatical construct, that topic will have already been covered. As it is at the moment, it's just discouraging


Is this idiomatic? I'm not getting how these words make this sentence.


I just couldn't get this at all. I'm really struggling with these pronouns :(


Is it possible to write the following?: "Tuttavia, è tanto popolare d'estate come d'inverno."


I know I'm using the free version but come on! Put this in the tip section, give ys a hand here DL!!!


why not 'anyway'?


This is a statement with no opportunity to answer. What is the point?


The hell dl? You didn't introduce this concept during the normal courses and now I'm seeing this for the first time in the legendary course? Wow


Would "Tuttavia, lo è tanto popolare d'estate quanto è d'inverno." be correct?

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