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Spanish streak back to 0 even though I have been logging in daily and practicing and earning XP

Title says it all. Really frustrating especially since I did the lingot wager and have now lost it. I know it's a little thing but it has thoroughly pissed me off lol. I'm using Google Chrome, Windows 7.

October 2, 2014



That's too bad about your streak. Hopefully the Duolingo staff will be able to figure that out for you and possibly restore it for you. In the meantime, here's a few lingots so you can start a new lingot wager. Good luck!


Oh wow, thank you so much! I used it to unlock the Spanish progress quiz because I was one away. Appreciate your optimism and gift!


You're welcome! And here's one more so you can still get your new wager if you wish.


Im still surprised at how good this community is, I guess it makes since considering most (l)users wouldn't use the internet to learn a skill. take all the monies


First, it is very possible there was just an error on duolingo's side. It may be worth your time to send the duolingo team an email using the support tab on the left (if you don't get a response here, give them a little bit of time). Sometimes mistakes happen.

Next, it could be possible that you are using a different timezone than you current location. This would happen if you created you duolingo account in a different timezone.

If you did any lessons using a mobile device, you lessons (and points) may not have properly synced with the duolingo server if you had no or poor signal.

Good luck. Hopefully it is just an error on duolingos part.

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