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I am doing English to German learning and I barely get any English to German translation questions

It never asks me to translate sentences english sentences to german sentences

It only asks questions like "die Schokolade ist süß" Translate to English

But never "The chocolate is sweet" Translate to German

October 3, 2014



Duolingo has carefully calculated and balanced how many translations in each direction you do. You should see less translation from English to German than you see from German to English. That is because too many English to German translations are generally more difficult for users and cause them to spend less time on the site / stop coming back / stop learning altogether - which is bad for Duo and for the learner!

With that said if you aren't see any English to German translations at all then that is indeed a problem which a staff member will have to help you with :)


Ah, the problem is that while I get 1 or 2 English to German translation questions per SKILL. My friends get around 6 of those questions per skill and they are at the same level, but whatever I guess. Also, at higher levels do you get more English to German/French/Spanish translations than at lower levels?


Interesting. I don't know what the numbers should be but I guess there is some random variation. I believe that the probabilities of seeing the various exercises is constant for all levels.


Yeah, like the last three lessons (not full skills) I only had one English to German question


I know I'm 8 months late joining this discussion, but I'm having the same problem. There ought to be a setting, like the one that allows you to disable the microphone, that allows you to disable language-being-learned to English translations. I just don't feel like I'm being challenged enough with all these easy questions. It's starting to get boring.


I agree! Right now I'm completing skills without A SINGLE English to German translation - it feels a bit pointless...


With the exception being voice translations


Deactivate the microphone and see what happens. :)

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