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  5. "Warum liest du das Buch?"

"Warum liest du das Buch?"

Translation:Why do you read that book?

June 11, 2013



what is the difference between "warum" and "wieso"


On my own observation; "wieso" is frequently used than "warum"... in "wieso", the person is deeply curious or unaware of anything, clueless, for there are less presence of material/tangible subject, looking for more answers: e.g. "wieso rennst du?" (why are you running?); The person have no idea why he/she was running, either where he/she from or heading to, if he/she was playing or in danger, of he/she was chasing or being chase by someone, etc etc... in "warum", the person is looking for a direct answer, also he must have a bit clue or already presupposed that there must be a particular reason of the matter: e.g. "warum liest du das Buch?" (why are you reading the book?); The person knows what the book is (such as the title and its content), he just need to know why he was reading it (the motive)... I hope this help a bit... =)


'Wieso' is kind of like 'how come' I think? "How come you are running?" sounds like the asker is pretty clueless :)

Could it also be that 'wieso' is for things that are more improbable, like if the asker knows the other person normally doesn't run?

[deactivated user]

    Thanks, that makes a lot more sense now and is easier to remember!


    Warum? Wieso? Weshalb? = Why? Why? Why? :) synonyms


    Do you know when you use them (for example, are there sentences where you must use Warum and not Wieso)? Thanks!


    I've read that Warum is used to ask for a motive and Wieso to ask for a cause...


    "How can you read this? There's no pictures!" - Gaston


    Angry German mother to son:

    Warum liest du das Buch?!?!?!? Du bist geerdet!


    Is it alright to simply ask, "warum liest das Buch" without "du" since it is implied by the conjugation "liest"?


    No. German behaves like English in this matter, not like Italian. Hence a subject is needed.


    Why can't I use "dass" in this instead of "das"?


    Why does the word 'das' perform like 'that'?


    The word "das" can mean "the" or "that". Many words have more than one meaning in English too. https://dictionary.reverso.net/german-english/das https://dictionary.reverso.net/english-german/that

    There are even times when in English we mght use "this", but in German they might still use "das", even though "this" could be a form of "dies". https://dictionary.reverso.net/english-german/this

    There is also a less used form of "that" which is used in certain expressions. https://dictionary.reverso.net/german-english/jene


    This answer is not correct, because the phrase in German would be: "Warum liest du dieses Buch?"


    Wrong! "dieses" = "this"

    "that" = "das"

    and you could even put "das" for "this"

    Of course, "das" can also mean "the".



    "Das" is also used in a lot of expressions.


    Scroll down past the definite article use and you will find that all the definite articles can be used as demostrative pronouns and keep in mind that German pronouns can be used attributively. https://dictionary.reverso.net/german-english/der


    How do you know that 'das' means 'that' in this sentence instead of 'the'?


    Both should be accepted as correct when translating to English.

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