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"Han lægger appelsinen skrivebordet."

Translation:He places the orange on the desk.

October 3, 2014



What is the difference between at laegge and at putte?


And at placere and at sætte and at anbringe...


Ok... let's see. Sætte is if you put something down Put the bag down - sæt posen ned or I place the cup on the table - Jeg sætter koppen på bordet. At putte, is often used when you put something inside something else. Put the rabbit in the cage - put kaninen ind i buret or put sugar in the tea - put sukker i teen. The thing about putter is that we often use kommer instead. Kom sukker i teen. Anbringer is a lot less used and more formal, but can be used like place the box there - anbring kassen der. I can't remember the rest of the questions :-) hope it helps


I would also like to know this!


As far as I know "at putte" is to put something into something or to put it somewhere quickly. Probably you can also "putte" the apples on the table. But you can definitely not "stille" them because they are of round shape, so you have to "lægge" them. It's the same in German.

at stille = stellen (if something has several flat surfaces and you put it on the smaller one) --> The result is that it stands.

at lægge = legen (if something is round or it has several flat surfaces and you put it on the larger one) --> The result is that it lies.


What? Are apples out of style now or something? Teachers these days… So insatiable.


Some 'expert' has decided that despite there being many years of evidence to the contrary, one teacher becomes better disposed upon receiving an orange, and so that must become the practise.

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