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Sticker Book

it would be cool if every time we completed a lesson we got an online 'sticker' perhaps of an owl or some that say 'great job' 'amazing' 'awesome' on them, and then we have a section called 'my sticker book' and we can stick them next to new words in a lesson to help us remember that word, or to an interesting sentence, or maybe to a discussion you want to look back on later, and then in our sticker book section their is a little button that says 'sticked' and it shows you all the stickers you have sticked. I think it may help people be motivated if they like cute stickers, and if you relate it to your work it could improve peoples work. please tell me what you think,

June 11, 2013



That would presumably require a lot of work, time and resources and although this sounds like a cute idea, I would personally suggest that all this effort be invested in improving the actual language learning experience, in correcting errors, and in mitigating glitches instead. Duolingo is a wonderful personal development tool, but I note there are just a few hiccups here and there. I think your idea, which is lovely, might be more suitable to a site that has quite a big project team behind it and I suspect this is not the case here.


I agree it is more along the cosmetic side and this goes similarly for discussions asking for achievements. It could be implemented but it is not a priority and if the Duolingo team has time to do it it'd be great it is just something to keep watching for but nothing to expect.

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