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View discussion ?

This happened several times in the past days: I receive by email a comment on a discussion that I follow, I can read it, but when I click on "View discussion" and the page opens, that comment does not show.

I tried to go back to Discussion/New or Sentences to reload the page from there instead of from my email page but the comment is still invisible. Has that problem been reported by other learners? Many thanks.

June 11, 2013



Could it be that the comment was erased?


Thanks Luis, I thought about that but since the comment was smart, I thought no moderator would have deleted it . I believed that if the author actually deleted his own comment I would still have found a track of it on the thread, with mention "deleted" ?


@Sitesurf: if you give me a link to the discussion page, I can check whether comments have been deleted.


Thanks dear, I'll do that next time it happens.


This has happened to me a few times too. No sign of the comment when viewing the discussion anywhere, even with moderator status. If you delete your own post, and there are no responses under it, does it show as "deleted"....?

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