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The Sobremesa Coterie -- October 2014

The Sobremesa Coterie is a group of learners interested in finding and translating well-written and challenging pieces, mostly works of literature, history, arts and science. The details of the group can be found here:

The Sobremesa Coterie - Group Details

This is the discussion thread for activity in September. It contains a list of the articles the group is working on together, and will be later updated to provide a link to the following month, as well as to a list of completed articles.

The work completed by the Coterie in previous sessions can be found here:

The Sobremesa Coterie - August, 2014

The Sobremesa Coterie - September, 2014

WE'RE AN ACTIVE GROUP WHO LIKE EACH OTHER. New members are welcome if they are serious but also have a sense of humor and can accept editing without throwing tantrums. :)

Current articles:

La salud de los enfermos, Julio Cortázar (1914-1984) Completed articles:

October 3, 2014

This discussion is locked.


I've had a good bit on my mind these past couple of weeks, so I haven't been doing too much translating or even language-learning on Duolingo as of late. Next week is crazy busy for me, but I'll be back in full swing after Saturday. :)

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