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Duolingo feedback

Hi all, I decided to start this discussion in order to give feedback about the Duolingo website and apps. I think Duolingo is great and I am giving this feedback hoping to improve it further.

I will start with commenting on the voice recognition for Dutch. Very often it is impossible to get past some of the examples - the website cannot recognize what I am saying no matter how I say it. Actually in some cases it recognizes it (I see the correct sentence being automatically typed on the screen) but it immediately changes into a wrong shorter sentence, before it gets evaluated. It's like the algorithm decides do forget whatever I said so far and starts over.

In order to stop the recording before the results go crazy, I tried clicking on the mic button right after saying my sentence, and I also tried giving it a few moments before clicking it. Nether led to success.

Furthermore, much too often the recording stops automatically in the middle of my sentence! Even doing very short pauses between words does not exactly fix it. And keep in mind that the hint from the website when it can't recognize you is to speak slower.

I hope this helps!

October 3, 2014



At what point does it start doing voice recognition? I am up to Indefinite pronouns (and am level 7 with 1098xp) and I haven't had a voice recognition exercise yet.


Dutch voice recognition is current being tested by the Duolingo team on only some part of the users.


Hope you don't mind if I add some other feedback here, since I don't want to start a new thread. I just faced a problem in a dictation question "warm of kalt water" where Duolingo refuses to recognise it as Dutch...

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