"He is a teacher."

Translation:Múinteoir is ea é.

4 years ago


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What about :

"Is Múinteoir é"?

"Múinteoir atá ionat"?

4 years ago


They are all correct, yes. This one here stresses the fact that he's a teacher. Unlike English, Irish doesn't stress words to emphasize them; instead, it rearranges them. So what you have here is the equivalent to "He's a teacher."

4 years ago


Presumably, Duo marks all 3 as correct? - as there's no indication of empashis in the question.

1 year ago

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Can someone explain the word order and stress/emphasis, because Duolingo is starting to upset me.

When do I want two “é” in the sentence vs one?

I get corrected sometimes when I write “Is múinteoir é Pól.” Sometimes it’s “Is é múinteor Pól” or “Is é múinteoir é Pól” and I’m having a hard time gauging the meaning and sense of it.

4 months ago
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