"This book seemed interesting to me from beginning to end."

Translation:Este livro pareceu interessante para mim do início ao fim.

June 11, 2013

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Este livro me pareceu interessente desde o começo até o fim


"Pareceu" / "do começo ao fim"


I almost used desde/até to but ended using do/ao ... is there any rule about when to use de/a and desde/até ?


There is not a fixed rule, but when you have year you tend to use desde/até. But they are interchangeable.


We should report it.


I wrote the last part as " desde començando a fim" . Why is that incorrect?


When the gerund works as a noun, it does not work the same way in Portuguese. The beginning = o início/começo.


is this "este livro pareceu-me interessante do comeco ao fim" acceptable?


specially in Portugal.


Why isn't "princípio" accepted for "beginning" instead of "início"?


it is a bit more poetic, or formal.


Here are some examples of its use.

From http://www.linguee.com/english-portuguese/search?query=%22from+beginning+to+end%22

"You can watch the modules from beginning to end"
"É possível ver os módulos do princípio ao fim"

"Skilled work in all the different stages, from beginning to end."
"Trabalho qualificado em todos os estádios, do princípio ao fim."

"We have to consider the entire corridor, from beginning to end, down to the last mile."
"Temos de considerar todo o corredor, do princípio ao fim, até ao último quilómetro."

"Pano Pra Manga is full of pleasant surprises from beginning to end."
"Pano Pra Manga está cheio de surpresas do princípio ao fim."

"which from beginning to end is permeated by his mystery"
"que está, do princípio ao fim, permeada pelo seu mistério"

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