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  5. "Uma hora não é um instante."

"Uma hora não é um instante."

Translation:An hour is not an instant.

June 11, 2013



I wrote: an hour is not a moment and it was wrong!


Now a correct answer. I translated it that way and it was accepted.


I'm seeing this exercise about ten times each "chapter", please add more exercises to this section :D


Can someone shed some light on to this sentence. Is there a more idiomatic meaning in spoken Portuguese?


Not a saying or so. Just a random sentence but very useful if someones asks you to hurry up :)


If that's not a familiar collocation, it should be. Poetic. In English we have the idiom "a watched pot never boils," which serves a similar purpose -- see also "it'll be ready when it's ready."


That's right, naughty milk waits for you to turn away so it spreads over the cooker.


A watched pot never boils... thats true!! Hehe.... to become a proverb, it's a good idea to include in some Brazilian movie or soap-opera, or a Brazilian rhythm song. Then, in a hurry, it becomes a craze...

[deactivated user]

    Suppose somebody said: "I'll be back in an instant" and then turned up an hour later... You could say : "One hour is NOT an instant"


    Why is it "não è" .... ? Wouldn't it work like this " è não "


    "Não" must come before verbs.


    An hour is not an instant?
    This doesn't make sense. Would it not be an hour is not instant


    The literal translation, though, is "An hour is not an instant."



    This is a bit weird with no context but I think it could be used in a situation like this:

    • Person A: could you please wait for me?

    • Person B: yes, but just an instant since I'm in a hurry.

    • Person A: it is fast, just an hour.

    • Person B: what? An hour is not an instant. Sorry, I'm leaving, bye!!


    Very well illustrated!


    I wrote my answer and duolinguo says it's wrong, but writes exactly the same sentence as me to correct my answer... how is that possible?


    A strange sentence. Somewhat profound.

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