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Irish Dialect???

I use to study on my own ten years ago through websites and books and every time I had searched for more learning material, I was given different words for the same words and so forth... i realized then, that i had to also input the dialect that I wanted to learn so I am not matching up 3 different dialects within the Irish language (although, I'm sure some people do that). Ulster Irish dialect – along the north of Ireland, including County Donegal. Connacht Irish dialect – along the west of Ireland, including County Galway. Munster Irish dialect – along the south of Ireland, including County Kerry. I understand that its not completely important but i find it difficult, even now, to know what I'm searching for online if I wanted some extra reading material between Duolingo lessons. If anyone knows the dialect that we are being taught, I would love to know. Or, if its simply "An Caighdeán Oifigiúil" (the official language). Any commentary? I am using this site as a reference point when discussing the dialects. (http://www.bitesizeirishgaelic.com/blog/irish-dialects/) Thanks everyone!

October 3, 2014



Please read the Irish intro. as the question and answer section gives even more info. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4279133

and of course the ever important Irish portal:


and here is the link to all Irish discussions:


Don't forget to keep scrolling down for more and more. Here is one about different dialects: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4440316 This resource from the last discussion allows you to listen to words in three dialects: http://breis.focloir.ie/en/fuaim/


It's the Caighdeán with Munster influences (cad, cathain, etc). However, the voice used is the "learner's dialect."


Hi Kellina!

The dialect on Duolingo seems to be mainly the Caighdeán, that's what everyone is taught here at school, it's the standard dialect.

The only deviation from it that I've seen on Duolingo is that the speaker pronounces "nó" as "nú", which is how we say it in Munster- it just means that she's a Munster speaker.

If you'd like to know more about dialects, I put up a big list of links just now that has a lot of dialect info, e.g. recordings of county-specific dialects, a text-to-speech program in multiple dialects, etc. Have a look through it and see what interests you:



I tried it but there is no audio, am I doing something wrong

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