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Difference between "an" and "auf" ?

Can someone tell me whats the difference between "an" and "auf" please? I thought "an" was used both for "at" or "on", but it seems sometimes "auf" is used for "on".

September 15, 2012



"auf" is not sometimes used, the normal meaning of "auf" is on. "Das Buch liegt auf deM Tisch" and "Ich lege das Buch auf deN Tisch". (attention : different cases.) "Das Gemälde hängt an der Wand", "Ich hänge das Gemälde an die Wand" The big difference is, that "auf" has a translation "on top of", "an" never has that meaning.


but I have another question here. If auf means "on top of", can you please explain why is it " Sie müssen AUF den Preis achten" ?


because the verb "achten" comes with preposition "auf" +Accusative


ok, thx for clarifying that =)

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