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I've noticed this in other languages too, but i seems to affect Portuguese the most, in my opinion. Words in sentences seem to get mushed together and it seems like they're saying something different. Is this what I will hear on the streets of Rio or is it just the robots glitching? Either way if anyone has any sites to improve my pronunciation that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

June 11, 2013



Youre right. Ive seen English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, and the worst pronunciation is on Portuguese!! It needs lots of improvements. Im a native, even though i had to use the slow button at times to get what she said!! Sometimes she says wrong. Btw, its accent is closer to Paulista (from São Paulo), not to Carioca (from Rio). But, youll have no problem about that once the pronunciation differences arent that big, but mainly in s and r.


Not only in S and R, but also in E, D, O, N and T.

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