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I find it difficult to translate any sentence which contains the word "stimmt." duo's definition=attunes; is/are attuning. google's = agreed, Right enough. Each sentence in which "stimmt" is used, seems to use it in an entirely different context. "Mit Ihnen stimmt doch was nicht." The nearest I can come to a definition for stimmt is "right" or "correct" does anyone have a better grasp of how this word is used or a more comprehensive definition????

September 15, 2012



http://en.pons.eu/dict/search/results/?q=stimmen=deen Sorry, the link doesn't seem to work. Go to http://en.pons.eu/ and look up "stimmen".


Thanks, just added the pons link to my homescreen...very helpful. Bitte!


It seems to me that "stimmen" as a verb means "to be correct". But then there are several phrases that have this meaning in English, depending on whether you're talking about a fact, a bill, a radio, etc.. I think this is a characteristic of English - it tends to have several words which mean something similar, which German translates to only one word. I have an impression that Italian has even more variability.

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