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  5. "Hun går henimod ham."

"Hun går henimod ham."

Translation:She walks towards him.

October 3, 2014



So what exactly is the difference between imod and henimod?


imod = against henimod = towards


Just a lesson ago there was a sentence 'Modellen kommer imod os' and the translation was 'towards'. I still think it is confusing, especially if Duo won't accept them as interchangeable.


You can always say imod instead of henimod, but not vice versa. Henimod always has a movement going on, while something like "being against a law" can only use imod: Jeg er imod denne lov.


OK, it is just so irritating to be thrown out of this lesson because I naturally write "toward" instead of "towards."


Both are equally acceptable in English and both should be accepted here as well. (Will report.)


'Toward' is preferred in N America, vs increasing use of 'towards' outside N America, especially in conversation.


So that's why some American spellcheckers keep insisting "towards" isn't a word. While I'm from the USA, I'm a first (and likely last seeing as the lady I love is in Denmark) generation American (mother's German) who was homeschooled by her mother. I've been saying "towards" all my life, but it certainly wouldn't be the first case of this happening to me (I still can't believe that people spell "grey" as "gray" out here!).


It is? I've been living here for roughly 8 years and I never even noticed. I've always been using "towards:.


Really? I always thought it was "toward" for I/You(pl)/We and "towards" for He/She. I don't know what to think anymore lol

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