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what's the difference between ze and zij; je/jij?

I started to learn Dutch today, and got a problem with these differences between ze and zij ; je and jij?

ze and zij means she ?

je and jij means you?

Is there have any different usage of those words?

Ze is een meisje. Zij is een meisje.

Are those two sentences have same meaning!?!

please help me :) !! thanks

October 3, 2014



They do indeed mean the exact same, but the 'jij' and 'zij' forms carry emphasis, whereas 'je' and 'ze' are neutral.

Here's a link with some more information: www.dutchgrammar.com/en/?n=Pronouns.ps03


Thanks :) !! it helps me alot !!


You're welcome; graag gedaan!


Is there no word that carries emphasis for 'he'? Only 'hij'


The Duo team also made an explanation (part of a series for grammar explanations), at first sight it's quite similar to the link Iris gave. You can find it here and the overview here.

And I can add that dutchgrammar.com is a very good and very extensive site.


thanks for your reply! it helped me a lot! :)

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