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Bonus for beating timed mode

How about a small bonus for beating the clock?

Maybe a coin bonus that would factor in the remaining time and the amount of incorrect responses.

June 12, 2013



I am a person who doesn't learn nearly as well with a timer, and so I use untimed mode almost exclusively, even though timed mode offers more points for the same amount of work. I do think it's fair that there are extra points given in timed mode, because there is an extra requirement placed on the person using it. I understand the logic of that, and I'm completely cool with it.

That said, though, I would not want timed mode to offer even more extra points than it already does. Right now, the difference in points awarded is small enough that I am able to resist their lure and use untimed mode anyway, because it's better for me, personally, in terms of how much I learn. But if the reward becomes great enough, I will probably feel compelled to use timed mode, even though it's not the best decision. It's hard to admit that, but I'm being honest.

I wish I could say that I'm above caring about points, but I'm not. I love games, and I enjoy getting points and leveling up. I mean, a huge part of how DuoLingo works is by using the point system to motivate us to learn. I don't doubt that this is the major reason Duolingo is working better for me than other things have. So, it's not a good thing if the point system starts motivating behaviors that are detrimental to our own learning (such as me using the timed mode).

I would be fine with a restructuring of how the timed points were rewarded (like the bonus coming at the end, instead of after each question, for example), and I would be fine with timed mode getting another bonus, as long as untimed mode was accorded a similar amount of new points, but I would not be in favor of increasing further the point advantage that timed mode has over untimed. It would concretely diminish the effectiveness and enjoyment that I get out of DuoLingo, and it wouldn't be a beneficial change for those of us (and I'm sure there are others) who don't learn well that way.


Totally agree! I honestly sometimes do timed mode just to make points, and then I'm always sloppier than usually - omitting capitalization and accents among other things - and learn less. But earn more points. It's OK that there is an unfair point bias towards timed mode now, but you shouldn't make it even worse.


I think timed mode is already unfairly easier than untimed mode - it's much harder to get points in timed mode.


You mean it's easier than untimed mode?


Yes, thanks for spotting the typo, I'll edit it out now!

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