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  5. "We are your children."

"We are your children."

Translation:We zijn jouw kinderen.

October 4, 2014



Jou = your(s) Jouw = your, and is used in front of nouns

That is your book = dat boek is van jou That book is yours = dat is jouw boek

Got this off google, hope it helps :)


Ben is am, zijn is are: so you'd say "ik ben" but "we zijn". I believe that's correct.


"Zijn", in this case, is the verb to be. Ik ben, jij/u bent, hij/zij/het is, wij/jullie/zij zijn.


so zijn mean "are" as in "they are" and also is this possessive? Would 'They are his children' be ' Ze zijn kinderen.' or 'Ze zijn zijn kinderen.' ? The second seems right but seems a bit awkward.


The second is right. If you say ''Ze zijn kinderen'' you say ''they are children''. ''Ze zijn zijn kinderen'' is ''they are his children'' So ''zijn'' means both ''are'' and ''his'' in this sentence

[deactivated user]

    If I'm correct, "jouw" = "your" and "jullie" = "you all."


    So how do you say "your" 2nd person plural? As in if talking to more than one person and saying "we are THE CHILDREN OF BOTH OF YOU"?


    It appear we can substitute jouw with je or jullie. Is jouw or uw the best choice, or are they all interchangable?


    Kids vs kinderen....so its telling me kids is a correct option, is this true?


    We - zijn - jouw vrienden! Justice :D

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