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  5. "Har pigen en krabbe?"

"Har pigen en krabbe?"

Translation:Does the girl have a crab?

October 4, 2014



No, she has many crabs


I just can not hear the "r" in "krabbe"


I typed the answer, "Does the girl have a crab?" and it told me that was wrong. It said the correct answer was "Does the girl have a crab?" Ummm... isn't that letter for letter what I just typed? Grrr.


I guess it makes some sense in danish but while trying to figure it out, I was unsure of whether or not to use the word does here.


Any of these is good English:

  • "Does the girl have a crab?"
  • "Has the girl a crab?"
  • "Has the girl got a crab?"

However, Duolingo doesn't accept the middle of these yet, probably because it's no longer used much in the USA.

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