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"En drengs skildpadde spiser pigens jordbær."

Translation:A boy's turtle eats the girl's strawberry.

October 4, 2014



This comment made my week. Thanks zanneytdc!

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You're welcome. :D


I had a funny feeling someone would have posted this in the comments. Thanks :)


Does anyone eat their own food??


Well, Denmark is socialized. They prefer to eat the other guy's food.


lol. Actually, Denmark is in the top 3 happiest places on Earth. I read that in a NatGeo magazine @ the dentist's.


Yeah ive seen that it is actually number one in 2017


That's because it's a small homogeneous community that doesn't mind pay very high taxes to deal with public services and it'd freezing so if you didn't get along you'd soon struggle so they over time because friendlier


Bahahaha!!!! I love the comments section on DL (most of the time....sometimes people get too bent out of shape about stuff). But seriously, I hope when I go to Denmark/Sweden/France/Ireland/Germany, I will get to use some of these sentences....lol! I've been to Italy and can honestly say that did not happen. Oh well!


Is it really "a boy's turtle" and not "a boys turtle"? To me it only looks like "a boy is turtle"...


While "the boy's" can be a contraction of "the boy is", in English genitives are used with an apostrophe and an 's'. So the "boy's" can be "the boy is" and also be mentioning something that the boy owns, like in this case the turtle owned by the boy.


I answered correctly( EXACTLY what was indicated as the correct answer ) and was graded as a typo . This needs attention from Duolingo.


The best thing to do if this happens to you again is to take a screenshot and send it to Duolingo using this link: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/articles/204728264-How-do-I-report-a-bug-

On that page it has a link to the form to report the bug and how to take a link on how to take a screenshot. The only way these kinds of bugs can be fixed is if the development team are told directly. However, if your answer is correct but marked as wrong, but different to the one shown, use the report function.


Boy's is possesive aka the turtle is his. Where as the boy is turtle would make no sense.


Much like the Mandarin 'de' an apostrophe can work the same way. Denoting ownership or having. For instance, "Wo de peng you" would be "My friend". Correlating to the possessive apostrophe in English, "Hank's friend", the apostrophe doing the same job as the "de".


Soooooooo , everyone wants to steal things from the girl


Whjy is not "the turtle of a boy" accepted ?


A sentence like that only exists in the Latin languages= El zapato del rey. And languages the use noun cases such as Polish or Russian or Serbian = Knjiga moju papu (knjiga. moj. papa) since danish doesn't have noun cases it doesn't do that. I hope this answeres your question and I hope I didn't seem rude lol.


Maybe cuz that form doesn't exist in danish? Even though it works in english, i guess they are trying to teach us that in Danish you can't think that way. It wouldnt work "en skildpadde af drengen"


What's "Strawberries" in Dansk ??


Shouldn't it be Piges?


"piges" is the indefinite possessive, here you need the definite possessive.
"En piges blomster." - a girl's flowers.
"Pigens blomster." - the girl's flowers.


does Danish distinguish between turtle and tortoise? does it use skildpadde for both?

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