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  5. "She takes the coat off."

"She takes the coat off."

Translation:Hun tager frakken af.

October 4, 2014



Why is jakken incorrect?


Because jakken = the jacket while here it's the coat = frakken


What Tobyponz said. Though I don't know the difference between a coat and a jacket.


In English I can say:

She takes the/her jacket off.

She takes off the/her jacket.

Both mean the same. Can I do this in Danish? Or does tager af require specific word order with the noun to be in the middle every time?


Yes, you can say both in Danish as well. Both are equally good. "Hun tager sin frakke af" and "Hun tager frakken af". BUT, the word FRAKKEN, is actually not the most used word, the more broader description is JAKKE.


I think BaconChomper meant does 'tager af' always have to be separated by the object in the midde, or can it be together with the object after? e.g. 'hun tager af sin frakke'? In English it can be both ways, I'm also curious if this can happen in Danish too.


No, you can't say "hun tager af sin jakke/frakke." Im not sure what the rule is, but you definitely can't say that.


I think people use 'jacket' in Britain more commonly too, good to know it's the same in Denmark :D


You can leave your hat on


What is the difference between tager ... af and tager ... afsted?

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