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When to use behøver and when to use "har brug for"?

So from what I've seen, both "jeg behøver'' and ¨jeg har brug for¨ mean "I need." Is there any difference between the two? Any reason or context why one might be used over the other?

October 4, 2014



you mostly use "behøver" when you say something like you don't need to... wich would be du behøver ikke, and "jeg har brug for" when you need something so behøver is more about actions and "jag har brug for" is more about objects :)

October 4, 2014


The fun thing about taking the tree to your own language, is becoming aware of some of the quirks of ones language. My first reaction was that "har brug for" and "behøver" both means "need", but then I started trying sentences :-) ChrissKnud is right, you would pretty much only use "jeg behøver" as a negative: "I behøver ikke at komme" = "you do not need to come". You could say that "jeg har brug for" could be thought of as "I have a need of" or "I am in need of" (ex. jeg har brug for hjælp=I am in need of help/I need help). You can use "behøver" instead of "har brug for", but it sounds stilted. Likewise in some negatives it would sound weird using "har brug for": You don't need to come = "i behøves ikke at komme". You couldn't really use "brug for" here, it would be more like "jeg har brug for at i ikke kommer" = "I need you not to come". Hope that makes sense

October 6, 2014


Great explanation

June 23, 2017
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