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  5. "Ik ben niet bang."

"Ik ben niet bang."

Translation:I am not afraid.

October 4, 2014



yoda: "you will be. you will be."


I am not frightened. Not correct. Perhaps it is a fine distinction.


Frightened, afraid and scared are synonyms, so it should be accepted, I hope you reported it.


are there different words for afraid, scared and frightened? afraid usually means in general, like im afraid of the dark, although you could also say im scared of the dark. scared usually means right now, so im scared would mean that you are scared in this moment, literally right now feeling scared. while being afraid implies something more general than momentary. and frightened uses by instead of of, so you are scared of something, afraid of something, but frightened by something, so you are the passive and the frightening thing is more active. these small details in meaning, are they are they also present in dutch?


Except, possibly, of the neushoorn.


He says, trembling.

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